Why are flip flops called flip flops!

Why are flip flops called flip flops!

Not too long ago, I had a shoe fetish that I have, thankfully, outgrown. But I still pay attention to what people wear on their feet. If you are wearing a nice monk strap or a pair of drivers, I'd possibly enquire about them. I have to admit that I've never really cared about flip flops, though. I wore them, I discarded them.

But last month after I purchased a pair of very comfy Chupps, I decided to take a dip into the world of flip flops and find out more about the business. Here, then, is a bouquet of did-you-know?'s. It's not life-changing stuff, but if you are here on this site checking out flip flops, it'll be, kind of, nice to know. 
1. The Y-shaped strap that connects to a flip flop's sole is called, well, toe-thong. 

2. The global market for flip flops is worth over 18 billion dollars. 

3. Every year, hundreds of flip flop companies descend on Orlando, Florida, for Surf Expo, the world's biggest beach lifestyle and watersports trade show. And yes, almost everyone's dressed in shorts and flip flops. 

4. Sustainability is slowly becoming a buzzword in the flip flop industry. There is even a company that makes flip flops out of sugar cane. 

5. All that money that has gone into researching shoes has also given us better flip flops. Some brands today have arch support, a feature that debuted in running shoes. Chupps is among the few brands in India to offer flip flops with arch support. 

6. The flip flop has been around for ages. Apparently, all the way back to 4000 BC. The modern flip flip, though, was born in Japan. 

7. And if you've ever wondered about the name, the term 'flip flop' was coined because of the slapping sound only flip flops can make. 
Murali K Menon - Content Strategist and Author of The God Who Loved Motorbikes
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