#SpringIsHere: 5 Shoe Trends That Are Here To Stay

#SpringIsHere: 5 Shoe Trends That Are Here To Stay

With spring just around the corner, people are putting in their winter wear & pulling out the flowy, floral, colourful fits. 

With spring comes in a new ray of positivity, fun & the opportunity to give your wardrobe a cool refresh to match the new seasonal vibe! 

With March coming in, it’s totally acceptable to start shopping for those fun spring shoes! 

Here are 5 spring shoe trends that won’t only elevate your looks but will remain versatile through the year. 

  1. Platforms 

Chunky platforms are going to be all the rave & are here to stay! Easy to style, comfy to wear and they look so cute under dresses. 


  1. Thongs/ Flip Flops

No spring wardrobe is complete without your classic thong flipflops. They are versatile, fun &the  perfect daily wear for men & women.


  1. Slides 

Nothing feels more comfortable that your good old slides under shorts and a flow-y tee. 

Branded sliders are bound to make your outfit look like a 10. 


  1. Slip-ons 

Versatile, durable, and the best for your feet to relax. Best of all, slip-ons can be paired with any easygoing outfit.


  1. Point Toe-flats 

Dainty, feminine & the best footwear when spring kicks in! No words but #CUTEAF can be used to describe these. 


Take this blog as a sign to start shopping for these trends.

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