Why do people think wearing Sliders with Socks is cool?

Why do people think wearing Sliders with Socks is cool?

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Is it appropriate to wear sliders with socks? Let's break it down. 

Well, hold on fashion trends never cease and are constantly evolving. There is no right or wrong solution when it comes to wearing sliders with socks. It is entirely up to your taste and preferences.

The trend of wearing sliders with socks has been around for a long time, dating back to the 1990s. However, you may have spotted celebrities wearing them as their go-to street-style trend recently. 


People may be surprised to learn that flip-flops and sliders are open footwear, yet some wear them with socks and it may sound strange to some. However, this is not the case.

While some may believe that wearing the trend will make them look trendy, others may believe that it will provide comfort.

It's not so much about being the cool kid out there as it is about how you want to keep up with the trend.

Some people enjoy wearing and trying new things, while others are resistant to change. 

Wearing only sliders or flip-flops is considered excessively open by some, whereas wearing only shoes is considered too compact. 

Wearing shoes for lengthy periods of time in hot weather may be uncomfortable, whereas wearing solely flip-flops or sliders in cold weather may be excessively open.

Sliders with socks enter the picture here. It strikes the ideal blend of grip, durability, and comfort.

Sliders with Socks trend

Sliders are meant for summer, for airing feet, and for wearing in the original state. 

But in tropical places like India, it gets far too hot, and being sunburned is far too simple. It is also pleasant to wear for an extended period of time and prevents toes from being browned, unclean, or creating bristles, keeping feet healthy and clean.

If you're going to be doing a lot of walking, I wouldn't recommend wearing merely sandals. Wearing simply sandals may cause blisters or foot pain. So, to avoid getting them, I recommend wearing socks with your sandals/ sliders to keep you warm and give you the energy to get through the day.


Despite all the talk, I believe that everything will calm down over time. It is natural for news to capture attention and create hype, but this gradually fades.

For people that enjoy wearing and trying new things, I don't think they should be intimidated by the negative feedback and settle for less, but rather go out and wear them boldly. 

Because the fad of wearing sliders with socks is here to stay for far longer than most people imagine. 

You can wear it with a sporty T-shirt, casual shorts, oversized hoodies, or sweatshirts. You can wear it however you like. Simply go for it. 


It's just a misconception that makes others think you don't understand what fashion is or how to dress properly, or that you're just trying to be the next so-called fashion blogger. 

But, you know what, none of this matters if you feel confident and comfortable wearing them.

So simply do what you want to do. 

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