Best casual flip-flops that everyone should have

Best casual flip-flops that everyone should have

Are you looking for light-weight, breathable, and airy flip-flops which are comfortable yet stylish? Look no further cause we have got you covered. 

With summer approaching, light-weight, breathable clothing and open toes footwear becomes a daily thing. You flip away your boots and slide into comfortable flip-flops.

From catching up with your friends at the beachside or running errands around the market to going for a soothing walk in the cold breeze - our pair of flip-flops will become your best friend this summer season.

Lately, flip-flops have started to become a hip fashion accessory for the millennials and the gen-z. They are all about comfort, giving you a chill anywhere and anytime with cool aesthetics for people on the go. 

Here’s some summer inspiration for some cool aesthetic design flip-flops for the sunny season! 


1. The Kaleen Collection

The Kaleen collection is inspired by Persian rugs around the world. They are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and breathable in addition to their stunning designs. 

This black pair of flip-flops are the perfect match for all your daily activities and can also be used as house slippers.


2. Indian Impression Unisex Flipflops

The Indian Impressions collection brings us closer to our roots, whether through the trumpets of temple elephants or the hooting Kabootars on our window panes. All things considered, there is a tad of desi in each one of us! 

A perfect pair of flip-flops that makes you feel lightweight and helps ease your work throughout the day.


3. Banana Leaf Unisex Flip-flops

The Banana Leaf collection is my go-to flip-flops. The footbeds of this collection gently massage one’s sole for better circulation. The colors are so enriching and bright that you will want to have all the colors by your side.


4. Nazarbattu Unisex Flip-flops

The Nazarbattu Collection contains brand-new avatars in different pop art images in bright and vivid colors. These flip-flops are extremely lightweight, non-slip, and flexible, with soft, washable soles and sweat-resistant, breathable uppers.


5. Monochrome Unisex Flipflops

As the name says these flip-flops come in monochromatic colors. They are soft and gentle on the toes. Since they are washable and durable these are the ideal flip-flops for those rainy and mushy days. 


These are some of the many designs from our latest collection to meet your casual everyday activity requirements. 

You can take this blog as a guide for your next shopping spree. 

Don’t forget to let us know which among these is your favorite go-to footwear option. 


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